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The Maybee Society was formed for the purpose of collecting and distributing the background, history, and genealogy of all branches of the Maybee family, as well as to promote fellowship among our larger family membership. The society has expanded to include many variants on the name with members globally researching various branches. Join the Maybee Society to help in finding your ancestors and help others find theirs. Membership includes our newsletter, which has stories of Maybees past and present, and articles about the latest research concerning our Maybee lines. Our office has published and unpublished material that is hard to come by for the average genealogist. Annual Membership Dues are $5.00 US for the online newsletter. A lifetime membership is a onetime fee of $50.


Main Branches
Pieter Casparszen van Naarden

Descendants of Pieter Casparszen van Naarden
(~33k people)


Mabeys from England

Several branches from Somerset, Dorset and Hampshire.


Belva's Other Ancestors

Site by Maybee Society founder, Belva and her brother John focused on other ancestors.


Our Genealogy Society


Top 50 Surnames

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